Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss is a very personal issue. It impacts men and women in very different ways. For some, it is a sign of aging, getting older. For others it is a reflection of family genetics, the inevitable.

Yet there are ways of reducing and even restoring your youthful look.

Welcome to Pro-Hairlines, located in Toronto. Since 1967 we have been the pre-eminent destination for both men and women who are looking for hair loss solutions.

Ninety percent of hair loss is genetic related. It’s in your genes. However, you can do something about it. The earlier you take action the better the results.

Although an active healthy lifestyle can help slow down your hair loss it can’t replace what you lose. For permanent solutions there are two viable options, non-surgical hair replacement methods or surgical hair transplantation.

At Pro-Hairlines we support both procedures. We hold the exclusive rights in Ontario to Cosmetic Transdermal Reconstruction. CTR is the world’s first non-surgical skin graft hair replacement procedure, based on the emerging science of Applied Virtual Skin Technology.

And for those fortunate to have modest balding and relatively dense hair in the donor areas, follicular hair transplantation, performed by a highly skilled surgeon can produce natural looking results.

Finding out what works for you is the next step. Take it. Give us a call at Pro-Hairlines. An initial consultation is the first step in regaining your natural look. It’s an investment of 30 minutes of your time to find out what you can do about your hair loss.

There’s no cost, and no obligation on your part to meet with one of our specialists for a discreet and private consultation. Once you have the facts, you decide what is right for you.